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Sunset over Sifnos, seen from Antiparos

Sifnos is the most visited island in the western Cyclades. It has with its about 75 qkm exactly the same extension as the neighbour island Serifos, but its character is different from that. From the sea Sifnos seems very inhospitable with its cliffs and barren hills. Sifnos found its friends with its pittoresques villages, built in a very authentic Cycladic style, und with its innumerable greek-orthodox chapels. They are scattered in a country, which is very suitable for wandering. Sifnos is a island of pottery and other arts and crafts. Although there are some beautiful sandy beaches, but Sifnos isnít a typical island for swimming. The combination of typical atmosphere of Cyclades, tasty food and artificial character is specially attractive for French visitors, who comes to Sifnos year after year.


The boats, which are going to Sifnos, arrive in the barren and rocken bay of the harbour of Kamares, which is situated in the north west of the island (a few beaches are at the outskirt of the village). From there you drive 5 km to the pittoresque twin villages of Apolonia (see pictures above and below) and Artemona in the center of the island. Especially beautiful villages you will find in the southern part of Sifnos, for instance the former pirate place of Kastro, the small village of Faros and the village of Vathi in the very beautiful bay. The best sandy beaches of Sifnos you can find at the south coast around the bay of Platis Jialos (see Photo) and in the pittoresque village of Vathi on the west side of the island.


The bay of Platis Gialos

The bay of Vathi

The daily High Speed boats during high season are coming from Piraeus within 3 hours with stops in Kithos and Serifos. Or you can take the elderly ferry boats, which need about 5 hours. For daily journeys you can go to Milos or Kimolos in the south or Serifos in the north. During the low season the High Speed boats donít run any more, and you have to take the common ships. Compared with the more touristic islands as Paros, Naxos and Mykonos Sifnos is still a quite place.

Typical Lanes in Apolonia, the capital of Sifnos



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Houses on the Cyclades Houses on SifnosSifnos Prices ††