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The capital Naxos Chora with the Kastro

The endless sandy beach of Plaka

Naxos is the largest of the 23 inhabited Cycladic islands, 428 km2 large, until 32 km long and 23 km wide. It has the longest sandy beaches of the Cyclades. The population is still traditional, friendly and frank to the guests, and they make the impression being more lively than the people of the neighbouring islands.

Sunrise over the Koronos (996 m)

Moonrise over the Zas (1003 m)

The large plateau of the island is crowned by the highest mountains of the Cyclades: Zas (1003 m) and Koronos (996 m). In contrast to the surrounding islands Naxos is rather fertile. It has more water reserves than its neighbours. Beside fruit-growing and olive groves Naxos produces a lot of wine and the traditional citrus liquor. Even though Naxos is well prepared for tourism, it has not yet lost the traditional and agricultural appearance of the island.




The top of the Town of Naxos (Chora) is built by the venetian castle. The old part of the town is traffic-free an belongs with its little lanes, flight of steps and arches around the castle to the most romantic and authentic medieval places of Greece. But also the mountain villages Apiranthos and Filoti are regarded as picturesque places of the island. Characteristic are the many venetian castles in the open landscape and the scattered closed villages.


Whereas the middle of Naxos is inhabited and has a good road system the southern and northern part is sparely populated and undeveloped. The most famous sandy beaches lie on the west coast and extend over many kilometres (Ajas Prokopios, Aja Anna, Plaka, Mikri Vigla, Kastraki and Pirgaki). But also at the east coast of the island you will find some beautiful sandy beaches (Moutsounas, Lionas).

Landmark of Naxos: the Venetian towers

Another landmark: the suplies of water


Regular buses are running from Naxos town into nearly every part of the island. As well there are many car, bike or scooter-rentals in every big village.

View from the famous temple port

Naxos is situated only a few kilometres from Paros on the main route of Piraia-Paros-Santorini. It takes 4-5 hours from Naxos to Piraia, 40 min to 1 hour from/to Paros and 2-3 hours from/ to Santorini. During the summer there are eight boats, during the winter about three boats daily. Speedboats runs twice a day in summertime and once a day in wintertime. Further connections from Naxos are to Samos, Ikaria, Mykonos, Amorgos and Ios, as well to the small Cyclades which are very close to Naxos: Iraklia, Koufonissi, Schinuosa und Donousa. The small airport of Naxos lies 4 kilometres outside of the town. Daily flights from and to Athens (45 min.), all over the year.

One of the mountain villages

In Moutsounas at the east end of the island



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 Maisons dans les Cyclades  Maisons à Naxos  Tarifs à Naxos