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Milos is with its 155 km2 one of the larger Cycladic Islands after Naxos, Andros, Tinos and Paros. It is situated in the southwest of the archipelago. Various colours, many clean beaches, the pittoresque bay of Milos and a rich geology are typical for this island.

Especially the large coast in the south (see photos above) and in the northeastern part of the island, but also around the bay of Milos, are full of marvellous sandy beaches, some of them lonely, some well frequented with bars and refreshements. Milos depended never exclusively on tourism because of its rich mineral resources, but it is well equipped for tourists.

The former volcanic island is separated in two parts with nearly the same size: the gentle flat eastside and the nearly deserted wild westside with mountains until 750 meters highth (Profitis Ilias). Almost the whole population of 5000 inhabitants live in the northeast of the island. Above the small for tourists well equipped port Adamas (photo above) with its shops, car- and bike rental, travel agencies, banks and restaurants you find the capital of Milos, Plaka. This village is connected with three other villages called Tripiti, Triovassalos and Pera Triovassalos, which are very pittoresque and can be seen from nearly every point of the island. From Plaka you can enjoy the sunset in the sea (see photo below).

9 km in the northeast of these villages you will find the small fisher village of Pollonia (photo below) with its romantic harbour. There is a road from Adamas to Pollonia passing numerous beautiful beaches at left. From the small harbour of Pollonia a ferry boat goes to Kimolos in summertime five times, in spring and autumn three times a day, during half an hour. Kimolos (35 km2, 700 inhabitants) is still a natural and unspoiled island. There are many clean beaches, a remarkable main village with a historic castro and a friendly population.

A sight of Milos are also the two small and pittoresque fisher villages Klima (photo below), Skinopi, Areti, Mandrakia, Fyropotamos and Agios Konstantinos which could has been reached in former times only from the sea side. Klima and Skinopi can be reached over a small street from Tripiti.

Milos is rich of mineral resources and for this reason already populated since the middle Stone Age. The open-cast mining, which is still an important branch of industry of Milos, has left visible traces in the mountains of the southeast and the southwest of the island, without touching the beauty of the villages and the coasts with their beaches.

Small church near Tripiti

From the port of Adamas boats go to Piraeus, Crete, Kimolos, Sifnos, Serifos, Kithnos, Paros and Santorini.

Milos has a small airport. Daily flights of Olympic Airways twice or three times a day from and to Athens, during half an hour. From Adamas to the airport there are 4 km. There is no noise disturbance through the airplanes for the island.

Evening in the fisher village Klima



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